At Jane Lynch’s House, Christmas Smells Like McDonald’s French Fries

(Image credit: Juco)

Jane Lynch’s fondest memories of Christmas aren’t of cookies fresh from the oven or the smells of roast beef filling the house. No, her most-treasured Christmas memory is opening a bag of McDonald’s french fries and inhaling that perfect, deep-fried aroma.

This isn’t the sign of a childhood deprived of Christmas joy or corporate America’s take-over of our holiday traditions — Lynch explains in her interview with Bon Appétit that, growing up, a trip to her town’s only McDonald’s was a real occasion, and one they didn’t make very often. Those french fries were a special Christmas treat, just as special as any of the other foods and meals we look forward to enjoying once a year.

I love this memory and the reminder that “special” means different things to all of us. Particularly this time of year, when there’s often so much pressure to stick to tradition, it’s good to let yourself relax and occasionally break out of the mold — and maybe even have some french fries.