4 Clever Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations Using Recycled Kitchen Items

published Dec 27, 2022
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Putting your holiday decorations up is so fun and festive. Putting them away is significantly less so. Christmas decorations can easily break or get tangled, and you might not have the right size containers to store each one individually — or do you?

As it turns out, one unexpected (and brilliant!) solution for storing all your holiday decor lives in your kitchen. In a recent TikTok, Texas-based professional organizer Ivonne Arevalo demonstrates this super-smart holiday storage hack: using recycled containers from your kitchen!

  • Hang onto your egg cartons for small, round ornaments.
  • For larger ornaments, put those Amazon Prime boxes to use and create compartments with cardboard leftovers.
  • And if you have any holiday-themed beads, follow Arevalo’s lead and store them inside of a clean, empty orange juice container.
  • Delicate decor will need a layer of protection. Arevalo uses a cute holiday bag to keep hers safe, but if you don’t have one on hand, wrap those glass or porcelain items in your seasonal hand towels or tea towels!

When you’re all done organizing, stick it all in a labeled plastic bin, and voilà! Your holiday items are ready to stow away until the next season rolls around, and you did your part to protect the environment (and your bank account) in the process.