This Might Be the Best Christmas Prank We’ve Ever Seen

published Dec 27, 2018
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman / Aristaetle7)

The best parts about spending the holidays with your family are the long evenings sipping cocoa, catching up on each other’s lives, and also getting to mess with the people you know best. Sure, the occasional prank on a friend is good for a few laughs, but playing a prank on your family means you know exactly how to really get to them — and you’re pretty much assured forgiveness. (Unless you cross the line. Don’t cross the line.)

This Christmas, Twitter user Judy Brown told the story of what might just be the best holiday prank of the year — or, rather, years, since it was not a single instance, but quite the long con.

You see, she explains “Some of you may recall that in 2016 I played an excellent Christmas prank on my long-suffering dad.” She replaced her dad’s beloved Ferrero Rocher chocolates each with a Brussels sprout, rewrapping each one individually and putting them right back in the big container.

Then last year, she explains, she didn’t bother tampering with the treats — he was still spooked from the previous year and refused to touch a single one. “Which was great because he usually inhales them at 750 mph,” she says. Everyone else was able to happily enjoy the candy.

But the long con really comes into play this year, when she embarks on what she calls her most audacious sprout prank yet. She took the sprouts, dipped them in chocolate, and rolled them in chopped hazelnuts, in an effort to make them look — even when unwrapped — exactly like the iconic candy. Then she rewrapped them, re-sealed the box, and sat back to watch.

“He opened. He EXAMINED. He unwrapped. He examined FURTHER. Fears allayed, he popped the whole thing in his mouth. His face played a symphony of emotions: satisfaction, triumph, smugness, consternation, confusion, realisation, horror, disgust,” describes Judy. “I am still chuckling.” And, of course, we all are. All hail Judy Brown, the queen of the Christmas long con.