Christen Carter’s Bright and Serene Chicago Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We first saw Christen Carter’s light, bright kitchen in the Chicago Reader’s Nest issue (here’s our discussion). Since then Apartment Therapy did a full tour of Christen’s lovely home, and here’s a peek into her vintage-inspired yet thoroughly modern kitchen.

Christen owns and runs Busy Beaver Button Co., a fun and quirky collection of custom buttons and badges. Christen’s quirky yet highly tasteful design sense runs throughout her Chicago apartment — especially the kitchen!

We love the serene color of Christen’s kitchen, paired with that dark wood and her Carrera marble countertops. Christen said that her kitchen was the big splurge for her home; custom kitchens are expensive, but worth it!

The Kitchn Questionnaire

1. What’s your cooking style?
Healthy and improvised. Rarely the same thing twice, besides breakfast.

2. What inspires your kitchen?
Sharky Perez, my goldfish who lives in the kitchen. He came with the house.

3. What is your favorite kitchen tool or element?
A fork. But I love my little worm composter and my Arabia dishes.

4. Best cooking advice or tip you ever received?
It’s perfect, however it turns out.

5. Biggest challenge in your kitchen?
Keeping my counter space clear. I always fill it with junk!

6. Biggest indulgence:
Custom cabinets, but I think it was the best way to make me happy.

7. Dream tool or splurge:
An extra sink on the other side of my kitchen, with a water carbonator!

8. What are you cooking this week?
Moussaka, bean soup, quinoa muffins…

9. What cookbook has inspired you the most?
James Beard’s American Cookery. I use the internet every week now. Mostly Martha Stewart.

10. What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever cooked in this kitchen?
Making pizzas on the barbeque.

Sources & Resources

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• Enamel tea canister and other fun stuff spread throughout: Post 27
Worm Composter: Urban Worm Girl
• Carrera marble countertop: Stone City
• Thermador cooktop: ABT
Arabia Dishes

* * *
Thank you for sharing your kitchen, Christen!

Here’s the full Apartment Therapy home tour of Christen’s kitchen.

Visit Christen’s weblog:
Busy Beaver Button Co.

(Images: Janel Laban)