Chrissy Teigen Just Shared Her New Pantry Makeover on Instagram — Here’s What We Learned

updated Feb 4, 2020
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: The Kitchn

Celebrities really are just like us! They have groceries. And pantries. And messy shelves within those pantries! Yes, even though these pantries are probably a tad bigger than most of ours, celebs still have to deal with wrangling bottles, cans, jars, etc. Just like us! Case in point: Chrissy Teigen just posted her new pantry makeover. (Courtesy of Ria Safford of RiOrganize — who we’ve actually interviewed before!) The pictures are gorgeous and, not only do they give us further insight into how the busy mom cooks for her family, they also give us some great organizing ideas to steal for our own pantries. Let’s take a look!

1. Clear organizers are best.

Scroll through these Instagram photos and you’ll see lots and lots of clear organizers. While we hate to tell people that you have to buy something in order to makeover a space, these sorts of organizers really are handy. They can corral packaged snacks, bags of ingredients, small boxes, and more. Beyond that, of course, they also help you take stock or find what you need at a glance. Does Chrissy ever have to worry if she has enough quinoa? Nope, ’cause she can check the level every time she’s in there. We love the clear pantry organizers from mDesign.

2. Lazy Susans can transform a corner.

Scroll over to the fifth photo in Chrissy’s post. Look at that corner! Corners really run the risk of being the place where groceries go to be forgotten. But put a few lazy Susans on the shelves and you’ll always be able to see what’s back there.

3. Chrissy has a lot of hot sauce.

While you’re looking at those lazy Susans, can we take a minute just to appreciate how many bottles of hot sauce are in that pantry?! Not just any hot sauce, either. They seem to all be bottles of Tabasco. Jumpstart your own collection with this six-bottle gift set, which you can gift to yourself.

4. And also jam.

In the next photo, you’ll see so many jars of jam… and peanut butter, and mustard, and other condiments. This might be our favorite shelf in the entire pantry.

5. Tiered risers keep little jars from getting lost.

The key to keeping those condiments in order and not cluttered? Tiered risers. This way, Chrissy and fam can see what’s at the back of the shelf without having to move everything around. This one can expand to fit your shelf like a custom-made organizer!

6. Everything should be labeled.

As if clear organizers aren’t helpful enough, finding what you need becomes even easier if you label everything. Get yourself a label maker and you can update things as your pantry evolves.

7. Healthy snacks should be easily accessible.

In the second photo, you’ll see lots of snacks (Kind bars, dried seaweed from Costco, pre-portioned peanut butter cups!). The noteworthy thing here is that they’re in bamboo bins that are easy to reach into. Maybe the kids get to help themselves? Either way, steal this idea and you’ll make smart decisions before you get too hangry.

8. Drawers are handier than you’d think.

For many of us, drawers tend to be messy places. (Sorry, but you may not look in our t-shirt drawer!) Drawers in a pantry, though, can be incredibly handy — as long as you think of them from the top down. Meaning, things should be labeled and easy to see from the top, so that you can reach right in without having to rummage around.

Did you learn anything else from looking at Chrissy’s pantry? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!