Chrissy Teigen Uses ‘Night Eggs’ for a Sound Sleep — Here’s What That Means

updated Jan 21, 2020
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We all know what it’s like to not get a good night’s sleep. (Unless you’re a sleep wizard of some kind, then good for you). When you don’t get enough sleep you wake up groggy, with puffy eyes and cheeks, and an overall blah feeling. You may get some nasty cravings too, and feel super drained all day long. It’s basically the worst!

There are many “secrets” for trying to get a better night sleep. Lately people seem obsessed with weighted blankets. Other people swear by turning off electronics an hour before bed. And then there’s Chrissy Teigen’s method for helping her get some beauty rest.

So, what’s her “magical secret” to getting her sleep in and waking up refreshed each morning? She eats “night eggs.” Obviously, most people had no idea what that meant, so she decided to explain over Twitter. 

“Each night before bed, as I eat my night eggs, if I’m not not on the Twitter, I catch up on my favorite subreddits: choosingbeggars, amitheasshole (AITA) and thathappened,” she wrote. “I enjoy these very much and learn a lot about… humans.”

Here’s the catch though. She doesn’t eat these magical eggs for dinner. She eats them when she wakes up (literally, whenever she does!). “I can’t sleep without being overly full. I take two hard boiled eggs to bed every night and eat them when I randomly wake up,” she responded to a user who asked if they work and how she uses them. She continued, “It used to be beef jerky but I’d wake up too puffy.”

But, while the eggs do seem to work for Teigen and she does seem to wake up feeling good, there is something else to think about here: She also Tweeted that she always wakes up for at least half an hour four times every night. Which seems sort of bad, right? I mean, you’d ideally want to sleep throughout the night, disruption-free. 

That’s when Teigen admitted it might be the eggs! If you consider some experts, like Dr. Oz, who say eating too close to bed might raise insulin so you wake up hungrier, it really could be that middle of the night snack that’s causing her to wake up so much. So, if you want to try it, go for it. But if you start waking up a couple times when you didn’t before, perhaps ignore Teigen’s tip here.