This Is Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook Cover, and It Looks Amazing

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Chrissy Teigen’s first cookbook, Cravings, took care of practically all of my gift-giving needs for an entire year. Everyone in my life seemed to want it, from very serious cooks to people who don’t cook at all. And even though people might initially have been skeptical of a celebrity cookbook in general and a supermodel’s cookbook in particular, Cravings was an enormous bestseller.

People loved her funny, hyper-casual writing style and her rich, flavorful, often very spicy food. Her recipes really work, too. Now she’s coming out with a sequel in the fall and it looks just as good.

Teigen just revealed the cover of her second book and some of its contents on Instagram, and I predict that once again, everyone I know is going to want this book.

Teigen’s second cookbook is called Cravings: Hungry for More, and she wrote that it would contain recipes for “everything bagel cream cheese breakfast bake, French onion soup with croissant croutons, grilled pork banh mi sandwiches, Philly French dip, roasted butternut and pomegranate salad, and more more more.”

She had me at “croissant croutons.” I’m doing that thing where Homer Simpson tilts his head back and drools.

The book comes out on September 18 this year, and it’s available for pre-order now on Amazon, where there are several sample pages, including one for the mysterious-sounding “everything bagel cream cheese breakfast bake,” which turns out to be a whole casserole made with everything bagels and a whole ton of eggs and cheese.

“I have felt for a long time that everything bagel spice is the bomb,” Teigen wrote. “But I’ve never been that into eating an entire bagel—it’s just too much dough at one time. Cutting them up into pieces and baking them with sausage and eggs though… That, folks, is everything.”

I love that Chrissy Teigen did not want to eat a whole bagel because it was “too much dough,” so she cut the bagels up into chunks and baked them in a casserole with a pound of breakfast sausage, five cups of cheese, two cups of milk, one cup of half-and-half, and eight eggs. That’s definitely the right way to approach a bagel when you don’t just want a mouthful of bread, and if I had known this dish existed when I was pregnant, I would not have wanted to eat anything else for nine months straight. (Some people crave watermelon and pickles, I just wanted heavy cream and salt. I’m pretty sure my baby was at least 40 percent Alfredo sauce when she was born.)

Other recipes previewed on Amazon include roasted carrot and avocado salad with lime dressing, shake ‘n bake chicken with hot honey, and Twitter’s banana bread — the recipe that led to Chrissy Teigen crowdsourcing bananas from random people on Twitter.

In the recipe note for the banana bread, Teigen said she worked on that recipe for a year, because she started out with a perfectly fine banana bread, but nothing about it seemed special enough. She says she went through countless variations that didn’t work out, and the version that made it to the cookbook includes dark chocolate chunks, shredded coconut, and a box of vanilla instant pudding mix.

“I won’t tell you what brand to use, but the right brand rhymes with smello,” she wrote. “Don’t use banana-flavored pudding mix. I tried it. It is gross.”

If you like “spicy, salty, sticky, crunchy, juicy, oozy” food and Chrissy Teigen’s writing style, you can pre-order Cravings: Hungry for More on Amazon.

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