Chrissy Teigen’s Dreamy Gift Guide Makes Me Want to Swan Around in a Bathrobe While I Eat Thai Food

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Chrissy Teigen — the model, actress, food-lover, cookbook author, and Instagram queen — generously gives us all glimpses into her life with her steady stream of video updates. When she broadcasts the tough parts, we empathize; when she broadcasts the triumphs, our joy radiates out into the ether. It’s Chrissy’s world, and we are all happily living in it.

Chrissy is fun, her recipes work, and she has an absolutely contagious enthusiasm for great food. The ideal Christmas gift would be to hang out with Chrissy, but because that’s probably not possible (sorry), her gift guide is the next best thing. She recently launched an incredible gift guide to help people who want her life (that’s me) to get just a little bit closer to the dream. She offers recommendations for bathrobes — her usual uniform — as well as a whole slew of ingredient recommendations for how to cook Thai food just like her mom, Pepper (whose book is coming in the spring). 

Chrissy’s “Borrow my Thai mom” suggestions (um, yes, please) includes Omsom’s Thai Larb Starter, her favorite Jasmine rice, a pad Thai kit, tom yum soup paste, Red Boat fish paste, and (of course) Chrissy’s own wok. I have a wok and I’m always well-stocked up on Red Boat and Jasmine rice, so will soon have my own imaginary Pepper, I assume.

She expands to other cuisines in her “Zhuzh up everyday meals” guide, eschewing pantry minimalism in favor of embodying the “more is better” attitude that makes her so much fun. She recommends Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen Pandan Kaya, which I just happened to have recently purchased from Instagram because that’s where I do all of my food shopping now. It’s good, and makes me inclined to trust her on the other ideas, too.

She also recommends a masala dabba, which I’ve always coveted for conveniently holding my spices, and I also have my eye on the sushi-shaped bath bombs she recommends. Overall, it’s a great gift guide — even if it included an absolute eye-popper of a $125 mug (sold out already!).