I Tried Chrissy Teigen’s New Boxed Cake Mix, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Homemade

published Jun 11, 2024
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Chrissy Teigen’s Coconut Key Lime Cake Mix made on a plate.
Credit: Nina Derwin

I have a longstanding history of baking and eating cake. From Taylor Swift’s birthday cake to Dolly Parton’s Favorite Chocolate Cake, I know a thing or two about these flour confections. Among friends I’ll often joke that I’d never met a cake I didn’t like, but I recently came to wonder if that claim was actually true. You see, I learned that Chrissy Teigen had released her brand-new Heavenly Coconut Key Lime Cake Mix as part of her Cravings line of food, baking, and dining items. I realized that because I don’t love coconut and I don’t even really like lime-flavored things, there might really be one cake I don’t like. Naturally, I had to get to the bottom of it, so I did the only thing a girl can do: I tried the coconut key lime cake mix for myself.

Cravings’ Heavenly Coconut Key Lime Cake Mix Is a Little Slice of Heaven

As soon as I had the cake mix, I got to work. I preheated the oven to 350°F per the instructions on the box and rounded up the additional ingredients I would need: two eggs, vegetable oil, and water. The cake can be baked in a round pan, in a loaf pan, or as cupcakes, so I opted for a loaf pan because it was the only one I had handy. I noticed there were no specific instructions for greasing the pan, though the box does mention that the batter should be poured into a “prepared pan,” so I sprayed my pan with avocado oil cooking spray and hoped for the best.

Credit: Nina Derwin

I combined the eggs, oil, and water in a bowl, then added the cake mix, just like the instructions said to do. I added 3/4 of the dried coconut, saving the last 1/4 to decorate the final product. The batter mixed easily by hand, and in just a minute it was ready to pour into the pan. The lime smell was strong — too strong for me — but I wanted to try this cake. The instructions said to bake it for 50 to 60 minutes in a loaf pan, so I set my timer for 55 minutes and popped the cake into the oven.

When the timer went off, I grabbed my oven mitts and pulled it out of the oven. To my surprise it was ever so slightly burnt around the edges. I will admit that I was disappointed, but there was nothing to do except keep going. I allowed it to cool, then popped it out of the pan. As it continued cooling, I made the glaze, which was included in the box. When the cake was fully cooled, I drizzled on the glaze, then topped the cake with some lime zest, the leftover dried coconut, and a few pieces of lime for a garnish.

I finally cut the cake, and I discovered that despite the mildly overcooked exterior, the interior was just right. Had I cooked any less it would have been undercooked inside, which I have concluded has more to do with my loaf pan than with the cake mix.

I cut a slice, grabbed my fork, and nervously took a bite. Much to my delight, it was delicious. Perhaps it was a little crispier on the outside than it was supposed to be, I typically like my baked goods extra toasty, so I didn’t mind. I expected to only eat a bite, but I ended up eating the entire piece. (And then another…) 

So, there you have it — my lifelong declaration still stands. I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like. I look forward to trying many more cakes to continue to test the theory. Until then, I’ll be sitting on my couch eating the rest of this one, courtesy of Chrissy Teigen.