The First Gift John Legend Ever Bought Chrissy Teigen

updated May 24, 2019
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This may come as no surprise, but John Legend, who is good at literally everything, happens to also be really good at giving gifts! We caught up with Chrissy Teigen (at the Chase #OneLessThing Holiday Pop-Up Shop) and learned that the first gift he ever gave her was a cooking class at Sur la Table. Cue swooning.

Significant others, take notes!

Honestly, way to go John. It’s obvious that Chrissy loves to cook (hello, she’s already authored two cookbooks, Cravings and Cravings Hungry For More), so this thoughtful gift is right up her alley. Plus, John probably benefited from the experience too. It’s pretty hard to beat a present that doubles as a date night!

If you know someone who loves to cook, has never cooked in their life, or just could use a fun night out, a Sur la Table cooking class is the way to go. All you have to do is go to the website and search for classes near you (or whoever you’re giving it to!). To make it even easier, you can even give a Sur La Table gift card, which you can use to buy classes.

Classes vary by location, but we’re totally eyeing the Holiday Beef Wellington Supper and Cookie Workshop. Post-New Year, give the gift of learning how to make Thai food, French macarons, and homemade pasta. And who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire someone enough to go on and write a cookbook or two … like Chrissy!

And because it’s impossible get enough Chrissy Teigen, here’s literally every single thing that she had to say about how she handles the holiday season.

On celebrating the holidays with Miles and Luna: “My kids are at the age where we are just starting to establish traditions. Luna is just learning about Santa … and at first I didn’t know if I wanted her to believe in Santa. John and I were like, we will deal with it when she asks! I’m excited to shop for the kids and see them get excited. Well, not Miles. He’s excited for milk.”

On her online shopping habits: “I don’t do Black Friday, but every day is Cyber Monday for me. I add all the things to my cart even if I don’t buy them and then leave them in the cart for 24 hours and see if I still want them. I also buy every single ad I get on Instagram. I love accumulating credit card points and seeing the number go up, when I use my credit card. I’m a big gift card giver and I love that I can get them with my points through Chase Ultimate Rewards. We have a big team with diverse interests, so gift cards are great because every year I get a little lazier. ”

On what she’s buying John for Christmas: “His 40th birthday is December 28th! Poor guy, he gets rolled into that birthday/Christmas thing. Before his tour kicked off I made him steak and gave him a beginning-of-the-tour gift, but he’s really tough to shop for.”

On what she wants: “Is John watching? It sounds cheesy but I love giving gifts. I honestly can’t imagine having another thing. I get embarrassed when I have to open something with people watching. I just want a vacation, some time away. I don’t think I would ask for anything other than a little time.”