Find the Fastest Checkout Lane & Brown Butter Ice Cream This Time Last Year

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This time last year, apparently we were all in the kitchen cooking up some fantastic fall dishes. We have lots of recipes for you to rediscover, plus tips on choosing the fastest checkout lane, a tour of David Lebovitz’s kitchen, and some Halloween treats from Martha Stewart.

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• A look at which frozen vegetables are handy to have in the freezer.

• Ever made apple butter? Here’s the traditional way to make it in the oven.

Check out the tiny but utilitarian kitchen in David Lebovitz’s Paris rental.

• Making bubble tea at home is surprisingly easy.

• Your counter top toaster oven might be one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen.

This recipe for whole chicken cooked in coconut milk is perfect for a chilly fall day.

Trust Martha Stewart to come up with the perfect spooky treats for an over-the-top Halloween party.

• Turn your kitchen into a diner with these retro diner kitchen accessories.

• Fresh cornbread still hot from the oven makes a great side dish, no matter what your favorite recipe.

• Choosing the fastest checkout line is trickier than you might think!

These stuffed figs with honey-balsamic glaze are going to the top of our list this holiday season.

If your kitchen renovation takes 10 years, we’d hope it ends up as lovely as this one.

Brown butter ice cream might be the perfect summer-to-fall dessert.

Brussel starts are just starting to show up in the markets. Here are five ways to use them.

Soft and pretty baked eggs en cocotte are a favorite weekend breakfast.