Make the Best Chocolate Mousse Ever in 5 Minutes with Just 2 Ingredients

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m currently writing a book on pudding, so as you might imagine, I am intensely interested in all things mousse and pudding at the moment. I’m always on the lookout for unusual new recipes, and the most interesting one I’ve seen lately is this two-ingredient mousse that breaks the cardinal rule of working with chocolate — and yet somehow it makes amazing mousse in just five minutes! How?

Cenk of Cafe Fernando shares this highly unusual recipe from Hervé This, the French chemist and food scientist. This recipe breaks all the rules — especially the first rule of working with chocolate: Don’t get it wet. We all know this, right? Don’t get chocolate wet or else it will seize, clump, and become grainy and useless.

But here chocolate is melted with water and then whisked while warmed, and it becomes light, creamy, and the best whipped chocolate mousse you’ve ever put in your mouth. That’s right — there’s not even any dairy in this mousse! Like I said — all the rules.

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Have you ever tried this? I know it’s next on my own list of recipes to try!

(Image: Cenk of Cafe Fernando)