More Than 4 Million Pounds of Chocolate Have Been Recalled Due to Salmonella (Check Your Pantry)

published Jun 21, 2024
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Check the labels of your latest chocolate and sweet treats from the grocery store, because there’s a chance they might be under recall due to another potential salmonella contamination. The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration initiated a recall on May 3 of 4,383,201 pounds of chocolate and confectionary products from Clasen Quality Chocolate in Madison, Wisconsin. While these products aren’t found nationwide, they are sold in states including California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington.

While there is a chance for an outbreak, these items are recalled just to be safe. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can lead to foodborne illness, which is also known as food poisoning. If you or someone you know has consumed one of these products and experiences the common symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, chills, headache, nausea, and vomiting within 72 hours, then you might have been affected. Symptoms will last about four to seven days, but if it’s longer, it’s wise to seek medical attention.

The particular products vary from chocolates bars to snacks and other dessert-making goods. Check the following list to see if an item you have has been recalled, and be sure to check the item number and the code information. If it matches any of these, experts advise to throw them away immediately or return them to their place of purchase for a refund.

Recalled Products

Milk Chocolate Crunch Bulk OTBD, Item # 56546

  • Product Quantity: 844,740 lbs
  • Code Information: 4046T216OTBD, 4051T208OTBD, 4051T212OTBD, 4059T209OTBD, 4059T217OTBD, 4059T231OTBD, 4070T229OTBD, 4071T216OTBD, 4071T218OTBD, 4080T212OTBD, 4081T219OTBD, 4089T229OTBD, 4093T208OTBD, 4093T209OTBD, 4094T229OTBD, 4107T208OTBD, 4107T224OTBD, 4107T227OTBD, 4117T204OTBD

4M Caramel Flavored Confectionery Drop, Item # 61661 (R&D Sample)

  • Product Quantity: 1 lb
  • Code Information: LAB-015188

Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Coating Bulk (MB), Item # 60692

  • Product Quantity: 87,045 lbs
  • Code Information: 4103T225OTBD, 4104T229OTBD, LAB-015025

Milk Chocolate Wafer, Item # 51407 (R&D Sample)

  • Product Quantity: 30 lbs
  • Code Information: LAB-014915

1057556 Milk Chocolate Flavored IC Coating, Item # 56546. Bulk tanker

  • Product Quantity: 2,667,280 lbs
  • Code Information: 4042T207OTBD, 4042T223OTBD, 4042T226OTBD, 4043T210OTBD, 4043T217OTBD, 4045T205OTBD, 4046T224OTBD, 4050T205OTBD, 4050T206OTBD, 4050T210OTBD, 4052T207OTBD, 4053T221OTBD, 4054T223OTBD, 4055T225OTBD, 4055T227OTBD, 4055T230OTBD, 4057T208OTBD, 4057T222OTBD, 4060T220OTBD, 4060T221OTBD, 4065T217OTBD, 4060T226OTBD, 4063T206OTBD, 4064T218OTBD, 4064T220OTBD, 4064T231OTBD, 4065T224OTBD, 4067T213OTBD, 4068T219OTBD, 4068T225OTBD, 4070T208OTBD, 4070T226OTBD, 4070T230OTBD, 4085T209OTBD, 4085T217OTBD, 4088T211OTBD, 4089T212OTBD, 4089T225OTBD, 4090T223OTBD, 4092T213OTBD, 4093T203OTBD, 4094T201OTBD, 4094T219OTBD, 4098T204OTBD, 4098T217OTBD, 4101T208OTBD, 4102T213OTBD, 4104T219OTBD, 4105T214OTBD, 4106T209OTBD, 4106T226OTBD, 4107T206OTBD, 4108T216OTBD, 4108T217OTBD, 4108T231OTBD, 4111T220OTBD, 4111T226OTBD, 4112T227OTBD, 4112T230OTBD, 4113T223OTBD, 4114T225OTBD

White Chocolate Wafer, Item # 59152. Net Wt. 50 lbs (22.68kg)

  • Product Quantity: 74,050 lbs
  • Code Information: 4094WH73CL11, 4094 WH74CL11

NGMO White Confectionery Wafer, Item # 60975. Net Wt. 25 lbs (11.34kg)

  • Product Quantity: 38,675 lbs
  • Code Information: 4075WH78CL12

1085343 10M Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Drop (MB), Item #: 56074. Net Wt. 25lbs (11.34kg)

  • Product Quantity: 18,800 lbs
  • Code Information: 4074CH60CL15

Snow White Chocolate, Item #: 60949. Bulk tanker

  • Product Quantity: 178,460 lbs
  • Code Information: 4057WH31OTBD, 4093WH34OTBD, 4101WH32OTBD, 4114WH31OTBD

Milk Chocolate Flavored Confectionery Coating (MB), Item #: 58710. Bulk tanker

  • Product Quantity: 474,120 lbs
  • Code Information: 4055CH90OTBD, 4056CH91OTBD, 4056CH93OTBD, 4044T202OTBD, 4045T227OTBD, 4050T215OTBD, 4051T227OTBD, 4051T225OTBD, 4052T226OTBD, 4053T224OTBD, 4056T228OTBD