Luxury Belgian Chocolate: Chocolate Meets Wine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all know that chocolate pairs well with coffee, and a small square of chocolate with a good espresso is a simple pleasure. But what about wine, or tea? Can you pair chocolate with those beverages? Enter Luxury Belgian Chocolate, a brand of chocolate that pairs chocolate with wine, coffee, and tea.

Luxury Belgian Chocolate does this two ways – they give tips for pairing chocolate with wine, tea, and coffee – and then they do it themselves, too. They have a series of bars that are composed with ingredients like Assam tea, port wine, and good coffee.

They say that their chocolatiers, sommeliers, coffee and tea experts are after the explosions of flavours that come when chocolate is heightened by these other taste experiences.

We’re especially interested in their Earl Grey blends: This finest bitter chocolate composed with Earl Grey Crisps is ideally married to strong tea with citrus aromas, as well as a fragrant tea speciality like orange blossom Oolong or other strong tea blends.

Their dark (77%) chocolate also comes in an espresso blend that sounds delicious, and their Wine and Cocoa Bars come in blends ready to be paired with a variety of wines.

And we really like the tips for pairing chocolate with these drinks; we wouldn’t have thought of pairing chocolate with tea, for instance. They say: The darker the chocolate, the better with mild teas with citrus flavour. The stronger the tea, the smoother the chocolate.

Another excuse to eat chocolate in the afternoon – we want to try it with tea!