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You Can Make This Gluten-Free Chocolate Lava Cake in 20 Minutes

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chocolate lava cake and raspberries on plate

Rich, hot, molten chocolate lava cakes are one of my favorite restaurant desserts. The steaming, fudgy cake is perfect with a scoop of ice cream. Some people like to let the ice cream melt into a warm, chocolatey soup, but I like to try to eat this dessert as quickly as possible, so every bite is hot and cold at the same time.

Chocolate lava cakes look complicated, but they’re actually pretty easy to make at home in individual-sized portions, so you can have your own chocolate lava cake whenever you want. Since they’re not fully cooked through, they don’t take very long to bake. If you start baking them while watching TV, they’ll be done before the end credits even start rolling.

These chocolate lava cakes from The Toasted Pine Nut are made with almond flour and a bit of coconut sugar, so they’re gluten-free. The chocolate comes from melted chocolate chips, and aside from the butter and eggs, every ingredient in the recipe is something you could keep in your pantry indefinitely — so you could, in theory, make these whenever the desire to bake came upon you. 

This recipe makes four molten chocolate lava cakes in about 20 minutes from start to finish, including 11 minutes for baking. Cook them until the top is just set into a crisp, chocolatey shell, but the inside is still loose and wobbly. You’ll want ice cream to go with them, of course. Vanilla is the traditional option, but you could also try strawberry, or coffee, or double up with a pint of chocolate chocolate chip (or really, whatever is left in the freezer aisle).

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

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