Choco Tacos Have Been Discontinued: Here’s How to Cope

published Jul 27, 2022
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Box of Klondike choco taco ice cream on an isolated background.
Credit: Shutterstock/Keith Homan

After nearly 40 years of production, Klondike’s popular Choco Tacos are being retired from both your local grocery stores and your neighborhood ice cream truck.

The news was first shared by mostly heartbroken Twitter users, after a Facebook account for New York retailer Sno Kone Joe supported a status update announcing the death of the popular ice cream treats with a screenshot of a formal letter from Klondike.

“We know how disappointing it is when your favorite frozen dessert isn’t available anymore,” the email read, “It’s always a tough decision for us to discontinue a product, especially when we hear from fans like you that really enjoyed it.”

Noting that there were no details to authenticate the email and that the Choco Taco name itself was misspelled ChocoTaco, writers at The Takeout were able to obtain confirmation from Klondike’s customer service department that both one- and four-packs had been discontinued “for a variety of reasons, as well as to make room for newer options.”

The news has led to an emergence of eBay listings, as is often the case with discontinued food products. Some re-sellers are doing so altruistically: One listing has opened the bidding on a box of 22 Choco Tacos at $200, with a portion of proceeds pledged to be donated to World Central Kitchen, Inc. 

And, naturally, some are just seeing how far people are willing to go in the name of nostalgia and childhood memories: One eBay user has listed a single Choco Taco for a whopping $1000. Yes, American dollars.

But you don’t have to fork out $1000 for that last Choco Taco. You can make your own! TikToker Aaron Alterman responded to the news of the ice cream treat’s impending demise with a recipe for homemade Choco Tacos.

And Washington Post food writers Daniela Galarza and Jess Eng just shared a super-easy version via Instagram.