Chobani Bites: Sweet Small Size Yogurt

030213-yogurt.jpg I don’t usually favor Chobani, but these new mini yogurts are taking up residence in my refrigerator. I’ve been looking for a sweet snack after dinner (or, um, after any meal for that matter) and this new size is spot on.

Sugar and I have a blessed love affair. You see, the second I let it in the door, it shoves its way in like a tidal wave and I just can’t stop. That said, the cravings for something sweet don’t exactly stop so I’ve been looking for a snack that is just enough to satisfy without going overboard.

Although I’m always a sucker for adorable packaging, I’m usually the girl picking up plain yogurt (or making her own) and portioning it out for daily snacks. These 3.5 ounce cups are new flavors (pineapple and caramel and raspberry and dark chocolate) that feel a bit more luxurious than their standard variety and are just enough to hit the spot without feeling the need to over eat.

They retailed for $3.99 at the Target in my Chicago neighborhood. Look for them hitting shelves near you soon.