Chill Out & Relax: 5 Boozy Popsicle Recipes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Popsicles seem to be everywhere lately. At my local farmer’s market there’s a new seasonal small-batch popsicle vendor, and entire articles are written on their recent popularity. It seems that popsicles are no longer relegated to after-school snacks and children’s desserts. Adults have claimed them. Big time.

I love the idea of popsicles for a few reasons. First, they’re portable: you can grab one and walk up to the park, take the dog for a spin around the neighborhood, or head out into the yard to cool off. They’re also single-serving which is nice for those of us who have a tendency to overindulge in cool, summertime desserts (occasionally, yours truly). And they’re generally lower in fat than ice cream or gelato. The big bonus: the recipes I’ve gathered for you here are for adults only. They’ll help you chill out and slow on down.

(Image: Tim Mazurek with Lottie and Doof)