22 Easy Chili Recipes to Add to Your Dinner Rotation

updated Aug 16, 2023
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While chili is an especially perfect dish for those cold winter nights, in my mind, it’s always chili season. It’s a meal worthy of being enjoyed all year round in all of its many variations. I’m saving the slow, stovetop-simmered chilis for lazy weekend days and making a point to slot my favorite easy recipes into my weeknight dinner line up.

Chili is one of those dishes that seemingly has endless possibilities. Of course there’s the classic style with ground beef, beans, and plenty of spices, but there’s also chili verde, and hearty vegetarian chilis. I also love that you can get it done in your Instant Pot, over the stovetop, or in your slow cooker.

No matter what kind of chili recipe you’re making, there’s a couple small steps that will make your pot of chili even better. For starters, making you own chili spice mix is always a winning idea. As are flavor boost, like cocoa powder, and stirring in a small spoonful of vinegar (balsamic and ACV are our top picks) at the end of cooking to brighten the flavor.

Ready to get cooking? Here are 22 comforting chili recipes that include something for everyone.  

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Chorizo Chicken Chili
This 30-minute chili, featuring the flavorful power couple of chorizo and chicken, is what you make on Wednesday when you hit a wall on what to make for dinner.
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Simple & Tasty Slow Cooker Chili
Invest your prep time in chili powder from scratch and you'll have the best bowls of simple, tasty chili waiting in the slow cooker when you get home.
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Texas Chili
This "bowl of red" is made with cubed chuck roast that’s slowly braised in a purée of dried chiles and garlic.
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Cincinnati Chili

This iconic Midwestern sauce has beans and is typically served over a bed of spaghetti.

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The Best Vegetarian Chili
A simple combination of veggies, beans, and spices transforms into an easy, flavorful vegetarian chili.
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Instant Pot Turkey Chili
Want a fast-cooking chili that tastes like it cooked all day on the stove? Whip out your pressure cooker for this veggie-packed turkey chili.
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White Rotisserie Chicken Chili
Leaning on a few shortcuts, this is a white bean chicken chili that can be churned out in under 30 minutes.
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Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili
One bite into this ultra-hearty slow cooker chili and you just might question if it's really vegan after all.
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Chicken Taco Chili
This recipe reimagines chicken tacos into a thick, chunky chili loaded with tender bite-sized pieces of boneless chicken thighs and a duo of beans, all topped with shower of cheddar and scallions.
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Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
This is a hearty slow cooker chicken stew with white beans, Southwest spices like cumin and coriander, and a few cans of fire-roasted green chilis.
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Slow-Cooker Vegan Lentil Chili
The easiest slow cooker chili you'll ever make, thanks to the power of lentils. Dump everything in the slow cooker, walk away, then eat it up.
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Instant Pot Chili
This Instant Pot chili tastes like it's been cooking all day, but it only takes about 45 minutes in the pressure cooker.
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Vegan Chili
Red lentils and a duo of beans makes this vegan chili super meaty, and a slew of pantry ingredients impart a ultra-deep, rich flavor.
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Three-Bean Spring Skillet Chili
This vegetarian white bean chili is a warm weather rendition of a cold weather classic.
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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
You only need six ingredients for this super-easy turkey chili, and the slow cooker practically does the work for you.
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Whole30 Chili
Loaded with ground beef, vegetables, and warm spices, this Whole30 chili is a winter essential for anyone who loves bean-free chili.
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Slow Cooker Cincinnati Chili
You only need six ingredients for this Cincinnati-style chili recipe, which will satisfy any Skyline Chili cravings. Just don't forget to top it with a mountain of shredded cheese.
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Slow Cooker Chili Verde
This week it is time to shake off the gray coat of winter and welcome spring with a verdant chili from the slow cooker.
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Paleo Chili
This paleo chili fills your bowl with a double dose of beef, thick-cut root vegetables, and a rich broth tinged with warm spices and cocoa undertones.
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Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili
Chili is a thick, hearty one-pot meal best cooked low and slow, so put away the Dutch oven and plug in the slow cooker for this vegetarian number.
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Instant Pot White Chicken Chili
It's sublimely comforting and easy enough to make on a weeknight.
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Turkey Chili
Looking for an easy weeknight chili that the whole family will love? This turkey chili is it.
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