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This Quick Chickpea Recipe Will Become Your Go-To Meal Year-Round

published Oct 21, 2021
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It may be safe to say that chickpeas are one of the MVP ingredients in most kitchen pantries. From making homemade hummus and crunchy salad toppers to using aquafaba as an egg replacement, this protein-packed legume can be a home cook’s favorite. What I personally love most is that you can load up on organic chickpeas without breaking the bank as they usually cost about $1 per can.  

So it came as no surprise when Marisa Moore, R.D.N. featured it as the star ingredient for her Chickpea Coconut and Rice recipe on Instagram. Referring to the recipe as one of her “go-to meals,” the Atlanta-based nutritionist gave her followers the ultimate kitchen cheat code: Creating a starter kit for this recipe by chopping up and freezing an entire onion and pepper to cut down on prep for the next time.  “That’s the best trick for a quick meal!” a follower commented. 

Though the post indicates that you’ll need a few key ingredients like chickpeas, peppers, onion, tomato paste, oil, and rice, other ingredients like garlic and lime can be used at your discretion. She also encourages you to pack in as many (or as few) spices as you’d like to make this recipe your own.

Looking for measurements to make it as close to what Marisa serves up on Instagram? Don’t worry,  we all are. The recipe has yet to be published on her website, but check back soon because her followers are clamoring for the full recipe equipped with measurements. In the meantime, scale up or down as you’d like, and spice it up by adding in some fresh ginger and smoked paprika!