Chicken, Turkey, Steak, and Pork: 7 Tutorials to Help You Cook Perfect Meat

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

In advance of Turkey Day, we’re talking about meat this week — how to find it, how to fix it, how to make the most of it. Meat is usually the most expensive part of a meal, especially when it’s responsibly sourced; and once you have it in hand, you don’t want to screw it up.

So let’s take a step back from recipes and talk about method. Here are seven foolproof, well-tested techniques for cooking meat just how you want it, every single time.

Now, please don’t assume from this list that these are all the types of meat out there. That’s hardly how we think about it (remember beef heart? And goat tacos?). But these are some of the most common cuts, and we see many people referring to these cooking lessons on a nightly basis.

These techniques also form the base of many recipes; knowing these by heart is what lets you make things up on the fly. Bring a chicken breast home for dinner, cook it with our foolproof stovetop method, and then eat it with leftover tomato sauce from last night’s pasta. That’s improvisation and making the most of what you have, and knowing a quick way to cook chicken is the key to that particular meal.





What other sorts of meat tutorials would you like to see? Are there any methods of cuts of meat that feel intimidating or worth knowing more about?