Twitter Reacts to Controversial List That Ranks Chicken Breast the “Worst” Part of the Chicken

updated Aug 27, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

In my world, nothing beats a chicken thigh. It’s the part where you can get that juicy meatiness and the kind of crisp skin that I live for. It’s tender, you can braise it or bake it, and, most importantly, it tastes best (in my humble opinion, at least). And apparently Americans are finally coming around to the glory that is the chicken thigh, according to a recent poll.

But despite all these facts, I’ve started to second-guess myself. The Root just ranked the various pieces of chicken and they rated the flat first, which I think I’m okay with. Chicken thigh is second, and they give a well-reasoned argument — the best meat is the closest to the bone and that flat meat is all up in some bones. 

The list is definitely eccentric — they include the egg as a chicken part, and rank “fingers” as a part. Understandably, chicken breasts came in last place in The Root’s ranking. If not cooked properly, they can be totally try and tasteless (but please, follow Kitchn’s tutorial for cooking flavorful chicken breasts before casting them aside forever).

Twitter and Facebook, however, were not in quite as much agreement with the list, offering up gems of responses like “wings are the trash of the chicken,” and — for the most part — agreeing with me that the thigh is the part of the chicken most deserving of praise. There were a couple people in the comments who tried to defend chicken breasts, but they were definitely not in the majority.

Where do you stand? What’s the “best” part of the chicken, and the “worst”? Let us know in the comments!