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This Chicken Pot Pie Soup Is Perfect Weekend Comfort

published Dec 29, 2018
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Earlier this year Mary Berry shocked many of her fans by declaring on Britain’s Best Home Cook that she would never put a crust on the bottom of a chicken pot pie, only on the top. One never wants to disagree with Mary Berry, especially not on television, but co-judge Dan Doherty said that as far as he is concerned, a pie needs to have crust on all sides, “otherwise it’s just a stew with a hat.”

Mary Berry’s comment started quite the internet debate about whether a chicken pot pie without a crust on the bottom could be considered a pie at all. That debate is likely raging on to this day, but if you’re looking for all the flavors of a chicken pot pie without any semantic arguments, this recipe has side-stepped the issue entirely — proudly declaring itself to be a soup, not a pie, with a little pastry hat on top.

The author says this recipe is prepared exactly like homemade chicken pot pie, but with more liquid added so it has a more “soupy” texture. Otherwise, it’s the same mixture of onion, carrots, garlic, milk, and chicken stock as one would expect from chicken pot pie. The corn and peas are frozen and the meat is pre-cooked and can even be taken from a grocery store rotisserie chicken, so the whole soup takes around 30 minutes to make. That’s a whole lot faster than making actual chicken pot pies.

To make the soup seem extra-special, and make it taste exactly like chicken pot pie, the author suggests topping the soups with disks of pie crust, made by using a pre-made pie crust and cutting circles out of it with a drinking glass or cookie cutter. It’s a soup with a hat, not a pie, but nobody is going to complain about that.

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