You Need to Make This Creamy Skillet Chicken Recipe ASAP

(Image credit: What’s In the Pan? )

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There is literally nothing more boring than talking about the weather at the beginning of a recipe recommendation, but I feel obligated to do it right now because it FINALLY feels like fall today. The air is crisp, I didn’t have to turn on my fan when I got to the office, and I finally want all the cozy recipes I’ve been saving up for this time of year. FINALLY.

So, let’s talk “chicken” and “pasta,” because those are the two most comforting and cozy words to me right now. This recipe for New Orleans chicken lazone pasta from the blogger behind What’s In the Pan? is exactly what I want to make this weekend.

As the blogger explains in her recipe notes, this chicken pasta number is inspired by Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans. The dish was created by the former executive chef, Lazone Randolph.

To make the crispy chicken, you dredge it in flour and seasoning (Creole seasoning, paprika, garlic powder and salt) and fry it in butter (*drool*). You put the chicken aside when cooked through, and make a quick pan sauce with the extra flour and seasoning mixture plus heavy cream. Then you add cooked pasta to the sauce and top it with the chicken! Then you eat the dish and dream about the next time you’ll get the chance to make it again (maybe tomorrow? I think tomorrow sounds good.)

Get the recipe: New Orleans Chicken Lazone Pasta from What’s In the Pan?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

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