How to Prepare Chicago Style Hot Dogs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Re-creating a Chicago style hot dog at home might seem to lack the ease and overall experience of grabbing one at a no-frills greasy stand. But once the weather warms and the grills come out, stick around home and relish the thought of turning your place into the neighborhood’s favorite hot dog spot:

To prepare your dog the real Chicago way, I recommend starting with a family favorite (and I come from a family of butchers): the Daisy Brand all-beef hot dog. After you’ve got your Daisy Brand dogs, grill to level of choice (these dogs are even good just boiled). Place dog inside a poppy seed bun. If Daisy are too hard to come by, Vienna Beef is a solid alternative.

Add these must-have condiments to create Chicago style:

  • yellow mustard

  • tomato wedges

  • chopped onion

  • cucumber slices

  • pickle

  • relish (yes, you can have cucumbers, pickles and relish together! no overkill here.)

  • hot peppers

  • celery salt

Things to leave off:

  • ketchup

  • ketchup

  • ketchup (for many Chicagoans, combining ketchup and mustard on a beloved dog is a sacrilege)

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(Image: From the Vienna Beef website)