Chicago Farmer’s Market Report: Morels!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last weekend, we went mushroom hunting for the first time, near Nashville, Ind. We’d love to tell you that this is our bounty, but the truth is, we came up empty handed. The only mushrooms we found were inedible, and looked nothing like the conical, honeycomb-like morels we were hunting. We had a good time, nevertheless, and returned to Chicago to get our morels the old fashioned way – for $48 a pound at the farmer’s market.

Wisconsin’s River Valley Ranch at the Green City Market didn’t disappoint, and we walked away with a good handful of morels for $10.

We plan to prepare them very simply – with butter and maybe a little flour – so we can savor all the great mushroom flavor.

The market was also teeming with green goodness, and our bag was nearly overflowing with asparagus, sorrel, sunflower sprouts, French breakfast radishes, green garlic, chive blossoms and fiddlehead ferns. Our favorite season in Chicago has officially begun.

— Joanna

(Image: Joanna Miller)