Video: Chiarello & Florence On Making Any Pan Nonstick

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve all been there. You go to flip a beautiful cut of fish and it sticks to the pan. There could be tears, but more often there’s frustration. Check out these tips from Michael Chiarello and Tyler Florence as they share (via video) how to make any pan in your kitchen nonstick!

Although we might have one nonstick pan hanging out under our cabinets somewhere, these quick tips might be enough convincing for us to send them packing. There isn’t any magic involved, no extra kitchen equipment, powders or sprays involved, just the order in which things are done. Around the 26 second mark they get to the good stuff, everything prior can just be considered man candy, you know — if you’re into chefs in sweater vests and geometric shirt patterns.

It’s sound advice for anyone looking for a little help when it comes to getting a good sear on your meat and is a no fail method for most anything that’s going in your pan. It might require a few more seconds of thought to bring things to room temperature, but you’ll truly be able to taste the difference in the end!