Cherry Production Down 70% This Season

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re gearing up for a summer of all things cherry, you may need to rethink your plans: cherry production is actually down 70% this season, according to the Department of Agriculture, due to the mild winter and cherry blossoms dropping too quickly.

The reason for the cherry shortage is due mostly to the few days of sub-zero temperatures in March that followed the mild winter, which caused many cherry trees in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to drop their cherry blossoms before the fruit had set. This means cherry production this year will go from about 275 million pounds to around 70 million pounds. According to The New York Times, both Michigan and New York cherry producers have had devastating losses, with Michigan reporting that less than 3 percent of their cherry crop survived blossoming.

This makes us so sad – we love summer cherries! If you can’t get ahold of any in your area, what other summer fruit will you fold into your recipe rotation?

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(Image: Emily Ho)