Cherished Cherries: 8 Recipes You Will Love

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I discovered that my future husband hated cherries, I thought things might be over right then. That’s until I realized: more for me! I dream of one day having cherry trees in my back yard, preferably both sweet and sour varieties. Then I would never have to choose which of these fabulous recipes to make.

1. Dark Cherry Crumble Cake with Cinnamon from Mowielicious – These look so tender and perfectly crumbly.

2. Cherry Ice from Martha Stewart – We’re marking this one for our next dinner party.

3. Macaroon Cherry Tart from 101 Cookbooks – Toasted coconut with cherries in a tart shell? Yum.

4. Back-to-Basics Cherry Pie from the Kitchn – An oldie but definitely goodie!

5. Cherry Trifle from Real Simple – These trifles have everything we love from cream cheese and chocolate to almonds and (of course) cherries.

6. Cherry Strudel from Gourmet – A simple yet elegant way to showcase seasonal cherries.

7. Sour Cherry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks from the Kitchn – A perfect after-dinner treat.

8. Lamb Rib Chops with Quick Cherry Pan Sauce from Epicurious – The deep flavor of cherries is a great compliment to rich lamb chops.

What are your favorite recipe with cherries?