Chefs Show Off Their Favorite Knives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The local food mag in my town recently shared a gallery of chefs with their own personal favorite knives, the ones they use to dice and slice every day. These probably aren’t chefs you know, but you might want to know their knives. Want to see them all?

Each of these chefs work at restaurants here in Columbus, Ohio, where I live, and knives are essential to their trade. As the story says, “Spend any amount of time in a restaurant kitchen, and you begin to notice something. In the midst of total chaos, one detail is always in order — the chef’s knives.”

The knives that each chef prefers are diverse, starting with a weighty vegetable cleaver for an executive sous chef with big hands. Another chef loves the budget favorite Swiss Victorinox, marking the handles of his blades with yellow tape. Read on to see them all — you might find a good buy in here for your own kitchen!

See the photos: Chefs’ Knives: Columbus chefs share their favorites at Columbus Crave

(Images: Jodi Miller)