The $9 Gadget That Every Pickle Lover Needs

published Jun 23, 2022
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Man opening refrigerator. You can see lettuce, green onions, carrots, and other produce in the door. The rest of the fridge is full of food.
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Prop Styling: Tom Hoerup

In my household, no jar in the refrigerator is safe. Sneaky hands make their way into the pickle jars for a midday snack or steal a few olives for a salty post-dinner treat. But much to my chagrin, those hands are often unwashed. It gets so bad that I’ll sometimes label a jar with a family member’s name after I catch them in the act! The problem, however, is that I like pickles too, so it’s frustrating to be locked out of a jar just because someone decided to go fingers-first into the brine.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one with grubby-fingered family members. That’s exactly why the Chef’n Condiment Fork was designed, to end this unappetizing habit once and for all — and over 6,000 satisfied Amazon reviewers agree! It’s a simple solution that has me much more than a little bit excited to use it in my own fridge.

The Condiment Fork is a brilliant, yet simple, gadget: It’s a flexible, silicone band that straps the fork in a handy holder to the side of the jar. The fork, which is made up of three stainless steel tines, is slim enough for maneuvering through jars full of pickled goods and long enough to reach the bottom. As one reviewer put it: “It makes chasing those last few pickle chips floating in the jar so much easier.”

Whatever you plan to skewer with this handy fork, rest assured that you won’t be dripping pickle juice all over your fridge shelves. The mini fork bucket fixes that problem by collecting the remaining liquid from the tines when you’re done. Plus, with two band sizes, you can easily slip this tool over the lip of any jar. One content pickle-lover added in their review that the fork “barely takes up any space . . . It’s easy to remove and throw it in the dishwasher when the jar is empty.”

Aside from its streamlined design (our fridges are full enough already, right?), the Condiment Fork also helps you avoid one particularly annoying pickle-eating problem. “We all know the struggle of having to dirty a fork to fish out a pickle…and then throwing that fork in the dishwasher, only to realize you need another pickle,” another customer wrote. “It’s a vicious cycle of ‘how many pickles will I eat.’ This product solves that.”

Bottom line? This gadget just makes snacking even more enjoyable. “I have had this item in my wish list for at least 2 years, saying ‘do I really NEED this?’ The answer is oh my gosh I’m so glad I finally bought it for myself,” one person raved.

“Is this necessary….. no,” another reviewer wrote. “BUT when you CRAVE zesty bread and butter pickles at 2 am, the fork is attached to the jar ready to go.” Sometimes taking advantage of little modern luxuries is the best way to get through a stressful day!

All that joy for just $9? That’s a pretty sweet dill.