The $9 Amazon Gadget That Strips Ears of Corn with Ease

published Jun 1, 2023
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Use a corn stripper to take corn off the cob into a bowl
Credit: Sarah Crowley

A sure sign of summer is when I first start spotting ears of fresh corn in the grocery store. As a Midwestern girl, I’m no stranger to corn on the cob; it has always been a staple when it comes to backyard barbecues and family dinners all throughout the summer months. While it’s always fun to enjoy an ear of corn straight from the cob (grilled and slathered in butter, of course), I like to find an array of ways to eat corn this time of year. 

That often means removing the corn from the cob and using the kernels in other recipes. I love making an old-fashioned corn pudding as a side dish, or even adding corn to a fresh and colorful summer salsa. I have tried just about everything to efficiently strip the kernels without making an epic mess. Somehow, little kernels always fly all over the countertop and even end up on the floor. While the cooking and eating is fun, the cleanup is a hassle. 

I recently stumbled upon the cleverly designed Chef’n Corn Stripper and decided to give it a try. At under $10, the price point was low enough to give it a go without too much of an investment, and it was a small tool, so it would comfortably fit in my gadget drawer without taking up too much room. Plus, it looks like corn! 

Credit: Kristina Vänni

With the very first use, I took to this ingenious little tool right away. Simply insert a corncob, and press downward and rotate to strip the kernels in one fell swoop. With this method, I can strip whole cobs of corn safely with one twisting and pushing motion. There’s no need to mess with a big knife and watch corn kernels fly everywhere; the serrated stainless steel blade means you don’t need much force to remove the kernels. Instead, they fall gently onto a bowl and are ready to use in seconds. Then just rinse the corn stripper with water or drop it into the top rack of your dishwasher. I also appreciate that the corn stripper is easy and safe to hold while it makes quick work of corncobs, and has a textured surface for a secure grip. 

I didn’t expect to feel so much joy toward the Chef’n Corn Stripper, and the $10 investment has definitely paid off for such a gadget. This tool will definitely be getting a workout in my kitchen this summer!

Buy: Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper, $8.99 (originally $9.99)