Chef Will Coleman’s Viral “6-1 Method” Will Change the Way You Grocery Shop Forever

published Jan 21, 2024
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Portrait/headshot of Will Coleman
Credit: El Wood

Chef Will Coleman is a celebrity chef, TV personality, food writer, and food stylist, but many of us know him because of his viral 6-1 grocery method that took TikTok by storm. Inflation has sent grocery prices soaring and frankly, sometimes the idea of crafting both nourishing and delicious meals each week can be overwhelming. According to the chef, the idea is that this 6-1 practice will simplify grocery shopping, eliminate food waste, and help shoppers cut costs.

“The 6-1 method helps people reclaim time spent shopping and navigate rising grocery costs by shopping intentionally and prioritizing fresh ingredients and meals made with whole ingredients,” Coleman tells The Kitchn.

The proposed method suggests purchasing six vegetables, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads, and one fun item for yourself. While some of these categories may seem daunting, Coleman shares with users in a follow-up video that these brackets are generalized and may encompass more than you think. For example, if five different fruits sounds like too many, the chef reminds us that anything with a seed is a fruit like cucumbers and avocados. As for spreads, this can be anything from salsas and dips to hummus, intended to elevate your meals.

“My creativity in the kitchen is driven by a passion for exploring new uses for ingredients,” Coleman explains. “I rely on my pantry for meal planning, and I enjoy blending cultural influences and childhood favorites to create unique dishes.”

He put the method to the test in a subsequent video by shopping for a family of four at Aldi. The total of Coleman’s grocery trip totaled $129 — a week of meals for a family of four. Like the chef mentioned, this is just a foundation, but it’s certainly proven to save you a few dollars each week, plus makes mealtime more exciting.

Some of Coleman’s favorite easy dishes to make include Crispy Caesar Salad Tacos (yum!), Smoked Salmon Dip, and Cheesy Lasagna Rolls. You can find more recipes like these in Coleman’s upcoming e-book that will offer more comprehensive grocery shopping and meal prep guidance if you’re in need of a little extra inspiration.