Yes, There Is a Velveeta Shortage: But Don’t Worry. Your Super Bowl Dips Will Be Fine.

updated May 2, 2019
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Perhaps you’ve heard about the great Cheesepocalypse of 2014? Sadly, it’s true. It’s not just a cleverly crafted marketing stunt. Yes, there is an actual real shortage of America’s favorite processed cheese product, Velveeta. What will we all do? How will Super Bowl snack tables be complete without a gooey vat of queso dip? And more importantly, what is Velveeta in the first place?

Following “minor manufacturing challenges” combined with seasonal demand, this “liquid gold” as it’s affectionately called by fans, is in high demand according to the Los Angeles Times.

See for yourself, in this delightfully cryptic note posted to Velveeta’s Tumblr, promising to find a way to make the shortage up to fans.

Although it never occurred to me that there was a season for this hallowed fluorescent orange cheese, I suppose it makes sense. One of the only times of year I find myself eating this sinful processed treat is at Super Bowl parties. With magical melting capabilities like no other real cheese, Velveeta is transformed into the dip of all dips: a gooey queso, or Ro-tel dip as we called it growing up in the Midwest.

With melted Velveeta alongside tomatoes, green chiles or jalapeños, and onions, this classic dip was a mainstay of the potluck parties of my youth. Even as the dip sat congealed at room temperature, guests cheerily scooped it up with super salty tortilla chips and crudité.

The deliciousness of this kitschy Tex-Mex delight can’t be denied, but how will it be made this year unless the Cheesepocalypse ends?

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