Cheese-Injected Tomatoes, Cyber Toasters, and MoreSeen, noted, and found delicious. 05.29.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Today in the roundup of linky-linkage from around the food web, here are the standouts. Tomatoes injected with cheese (any cheese! Not Velveeta.) plus a toaster museum, and more…

How to Roll Papaya Maki Rolls – Just so pretty.

• More in the rolling theme: How to Make Marzipan Rosebuds

Tomato Cheese Snack – Warm cheese, inject into tomato. Yes it’s weird. Brilliant? Too odd? Tell us.

The Cyber Toaster Museum – Toasters! Dating all the way back to 1900… (Insert BSG joke here. We are nerds.)