28 Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love (Like, Really Love) Cheese

updated Dec 1, 2022
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Giving gifts can be difficult regardless of whether the recipient is a close friend, an acquaintance, a distant family member, a coworker — the list goes on. Certain items, such as clothes and jewelry, might feel a bit too personal. On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to show up with a Starbucks card and become known as a lazy gift-giver. (Although a free Frappuccino does sound good.) Food, however, is a solid option, and cheese is especially classy — so long as you package it nicely.

So, don’t feel blue about all the holiday shopping in your future! Take our curd for it: These cheese-centric gifts are very, very Gouda. Feta up with these puns? No sweat — whether you want to drop a lot of cheddar (sorry, had to get one more in there) or a little, we’ve got must-have gifts for every type of fromage aficionado on your list. Sure, they’re all really cheesy — but only in the best way possible.

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Anyone who loves cheese and cooking projects will appreciate this packed kit, which will turn their kitchen into the best cheese shop in town. It includes all the ingredients they need to turn store-bought milk into delicious homemade mozzarella, halloumi, feta, and more.

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Saxelby Cheese

Just bring your own bread! Everybody loves a gooey grilled cheese, and this gift sets your friend or family member up for the best. It includes rich and delicious Cowbella salted butter, savory Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, and fruity Reading Raclette — all the fixings needed for five five-star grilled cheese sandwiches.

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When you can't give someone a hug, giving them mac and cheese is the next best thing. This four-pack from S'MAC — the iconic New York City spot dedicated to that cheesy, carby goodness — can be tailored to your giftee's tastes. From four cheese to Philly cheesesteak, Buffalo chicken to Cajun, they're all winners.

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Murray's Cheese

These cheeses (like Manchego and Gruyère) have been chosen because they pair especially well with the tannins in red wine. But, that’s not all: This sampler is packed with everything (including olives and flatbread) someone needs to indulge with during date night or their next solo Netflix marathon.

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Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farm has a bit of a following in the cheese world — even outside of the Green Mountain State. With options including a simple “Starter Kit” and “The Full Spread” (which is what's on our list!) and several in between, there’s a box of cave-ripened cheese for every budget and taste.

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For some people, putting together the ultimate cheese board can be a little stressful. If you know someone like that, this is the gift for them. There’s no need to head-scratch at the specialty food store or worry that the crackers won’t pair well with what they've picked. It’s all here, ready to be eaten.

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A true cheese lover’s devotion rarely stops at just appetizers and meals, it carries over into the dessert world, too. This creation by Harlem’s Sugar Hill Creamery features their popular blueberry cheesecake ice cream — as a cheesecake. Trust us, it’s as good as it sounds.

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Murray's Cheese

Created with cave-aged Cornelia, a round of velvety ash-coated Selles-Sur-Cher, and a button of bright, milky Vermont Creamery Bijou, this cheese tower can be enjoyed as-is, but we suggest adding in some crackers, jam, and other flavors to make it a truly special indulgence. Gift it to your favorite couple!

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There is a very specific person who will enjoy this gift, and honestly, that’s the type of person we want to be friends with. This 40-pack of Cheez-It cracker snack bags will ensure that some lucky person is totally ready for their next snack attack.

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Uncommon Goods

No more dry spots on that block of cheddar! These silicone caps stretch to fit and tightly cover cheese (and butter!), so they'll stay fresher and taster longer. Plus, they're less wasteful than cling wrap.

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Williams Sonoma

The host who's always setting out a sophisticated spread will love a hand-cut slate board from Brooklyn Slate Co. Picked from a family quarry in upstate New York and chipped to impart a rustic feel, it adds charm to any appetizer table.

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The Partyclette makes traditional Swedish raclette the life of the party, so your favorite host will love breaking it out for gatherings. From meat to veggies, just about everything tastes better under a coating of this smooth, melty cheese.

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Give the gift of Instagrammable cheese boards: This precision slicer cuts through soft and hard cheeses with ease, for picture-perfect results every time. With adjustable thickness, replaceable stainless steel wire, and durable beechwood, it will last for years to come.

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Williams Sonoma

Don't mind if we fon-do! The retro charm of a fondue set is undeniable, and this one is big enough for the hungriest crew. Cleanup is a cinch thanks to the nonstick coating, and we love the color-coded handles to keep everyone organized. Plus, it can be used for chocolate, too!

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Bien sûr, the French are experts at all things cheese — right down to the servingware. This colorful set of cheese knives and spreaders by classic French brand Laguiole make any cheese board just a little bit fancier. Now, we just have to remember which utensil goes with which cheese.

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Good cheese can go bad real fast. Help your lucky gift recipient prolong the life of their beloved selections with a vault made with birch to help control moisture. It fits up to a pound of the good stuff, and collapses for easy storage when not in use.

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We’re betting a lot of people don’t have a dedicated cheese baker — but they should. Here's proof. If you want make it an extra-special gift, toss in your favorite goat cheese, along with honey, jellies, or nuts. Paired together, you'll be giving someone a fancy snack in a bag!

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When was the last time you replaced your trusty grater? Yeah, we can’t remember either. And, we bet the cheese-lover in your life could also use a new one with nice, sharp grates. This one has a comfy handle and turns hard cheese such as Parmesan and Asiago into fluffy mounds in seconds.

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West Elm
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Give your favorite host something to show off at their next party. This sturdy set of cheese knives will cut through all types of cheese — and with brass and black marble accents, they’ll look good while doing it.

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How cute are these wire cheese markers? The writing is fully customizable, so you can pick the go-tos of the cheese lover in your life.

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Uncommon Goods

Whether it’s used to show off family pride or as a clear marker of ownership ("L" is for Lisa's cheese!), these monogram serving boards will look great on any table. They’re made from cherry, maple, or walnut and available in every letter from A to Z.

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This wax-coated paper is a favorite among pros for wrapping up cheese (and other charcuterie, too). It’s breathable, but helps protect what’s inside from exposure to air, so your cheese stays fresher for much longer than it would with plastic wrap.

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This pick is for the person who seems to have everything. This European-style cheese curler easily produces paper-thin slices of whatever hard cheese is mounted on it. The curls are ideal for adding to pasta and salads and setting the whole thing out at a party adds a nice conversation piece for friends to enjoy.

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OK, we’ll admit it: These ornaments are extra cheesy. But, we think that these vintage-inspired glass bobbles will look great on a tree — and we bet you know a cheese-lover or two who would agree.

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Show some love to the big cheese in your life with a charming pendant. Handmade from brass, but silver in color, this accessory will give a subtle nod to your special someone’s favorite food.

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Farm Steady

Goat’s milk is now readily available at many farmers markets and grocery stores. With this kit, anyone can turn some into a delightful chèvre and feta with all the included necessities. It’s easier than you may think and tastes oh-so-good when it’s freshly made.

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Katie Kimmel

We haven’t met a mozzarella stick we don’t like: There are the classic frozen logs that look like they’ve come straight from the factory, the more refined ones you get at “fancy” restaurants that are square or triangle-shaped, and the now-trendy ones shaped like balls or doughnuts. We love ‘em all, and we’re sure you know someone who does, too, so help them show off their pride with this cozy sweatshirt.

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was $4.50

This keychain is likely to inspire a smile. Come on, it’s a Laughing Cow! And, it’s a brand beloved by many!

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