Checking In On... Fresh Direct's Green Initiatives

Checking In On... Fresh Direct's Green Initiatives

Oh, Fresh Direct. The name gets our juices (and yours) flowing. We love the convenience, we hate the trucks idling on the side of our block. We love selection and prices, we hate the lone head of cabbage in the cardboard box.

Well, some of Fresh Direct's promises to go green are taking shape, according to an email sent to customers a few weeks ago. They want us to know they've changed their ways...

The push to use biodiesel in their delivery trucks is happening. According to the email:
We continue to make progress on cutting emissions from our delivery trucks, thanks to Hub Truck Leasing and Tristate Biodiesel. We're now fueling more than half of our delivery trucks with a cleaner-burning 5% biodiesel fuel blend. The "bio" part of our biodiesel is recycled from used cooking oil (in part from our own kitchen donations) and other waste oils that Tristate Biodiesel harvests and converts. This is an exciting start, and we are working with our remaining vehicle vendors to bring our fleet to 100% as soon as possible.

We aren't experts on biodiesel, but is 5% a lot? We found this factsheet, which seems to suggest that 20% is helpful... Fuel geniuses, fill us in.

Fresh Direct is continuing to use boxes made of 100 percent post-consumer materials, which is not as good as the tote bags they're promising for the future, but still an improvement. And their seafood department now has a section of fish certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

We also got an email from noteatingoutinny bringing up a point of debate in the midst of Fresh Direct's initiatives. What's worse: Lots of small grocery stores sucking up energy all over the city? Or one Fresh Direct warehouse, but lots of delivery trucks?

We tend to think one warehouse — that is, of course, being greened-up (also in the email) — is better than tons of stores. Especially when those stores are still handing out double-bagged plastic bags. Yes, shoppers are walking, not driving, to stores in the city. But those stores still have their own delivery trucks to bring in the goods.

Ok, back to you. How are you feeling about Fresh Direct these days?

(Images: Fresh Direct)

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