Crazy Cool (and Cheap) Cutting Boards: Ask a Local Artisan!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While chatting with Jerad Foster, a local Kansas City woodworking artisan, we learned something very cool. Although his studio is best known for making grand custom furniture pieces, he has also been putting his scraps to use in making killer cutting boards at super reasonable prices! So what if you’re not local? We’re glad you asked!

Any woodworker is bound to have scraps lying around their shop and all it takes is a quick phone call to see if they can turn them into a custom cutting board for your kitchen. They will probably be happy to make something from the leftovers and turn a small profit. You’ll be happy that you didn’t pay outrageous retail prices for a quality cutting board, and that you supported a local artisan.

Jerad says he sells these gorgeous cutting boards, depending on the size, for $20-$50.

• You can see more of his work over at Studio Build.

We’re of course putting in an order for our own but we also think it’s a great idea to bust out the Yellow Pages or Google a woodworker in your area. Eat local, buy local — and that includes your kitchen furnishings!

• Also check out Jerad’s Home Tour over at Apartment Therapy. His mid-century home sports a beautiful handmade kitchen.

Thanks Jerad!

(Image: Jerad Foster)