Check This Out! “What’s This Food?!” from Dan Delaney

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

WTF, people?! No, not what you’re thinking; we’re talking about “What’s This Food?!”, a new (to us) series of videos from Daniel Delaney. Each day, he takes a look at a different ingredient and shows us how to chop it, cook it, and eat it back in our own kitchens. How awesome is that?

Dan started the project back in January as part of a New Year’s resolution to learn more about uncommon ingredients and dishes. In recent episodes, he’s covered such diverse and various ingredients as bitter melon, fish sauce, and herbes de provence.

Not only are these videos short enough to watch on a coffee break and packed with excellent information, they’re also highly entertaining. Most of the video is Dan talking directly to the camera, and he intersperses his ingredient explanations with Scooby Do impersonations, witty asides, and animated eye-rolls. These videos routinely make me laugh out loud even as I’m taking notes on what to make for dinner.

You can find these videos on Dan Delaney’s “WTF?!” website, subscribe to them on iTunes, or search for them on YouTube:

Watch the Videos! What’s This Food?! from Daniel Delaney

(Images: Daniel Delaney)