Check This Out: Stages of Edible Growth in Plants

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While looking for information on microgreens last week, we came across a fantastic chart from the Splendid Table explaining all the different stages of growth for salad greens and other edible plants. According to this chart, commercial growers identify and sell produce at nine distinct stages – think you can name them all?

Here’s the chart for you to explore:

Nine Stages of Growth in Greens from The Splendid Table

We really like how this chart shows the stages side-by-side with clear, straightforward explanations. Honestly, we feel like this is the first time that we fully understand the way the growth cycles witnessed in our backyard garden translate to the produce sold at the farmer’s markets and in the grocery stores.

This also gets us curious to try plants like beets and arugula at more stages of their growth – yet another argument for growing our own produce, since most growth stages aren’t available commercially!

As the chart’s author cautions, we should probably keep in mind that while many plants might be technically edible at many or all of these stages, not all those stages are necessarily palatable. There’s a good reason why you don’t see lettuce that has gone to seed or baby tomato leaves on the market!

(Image: Flickr member iLoveButter licensed under Creative Commons)