Check It Out! Tea-Infused Chocolate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I love a good infusion. Jalapeno-infused vodka and lemon-infused olive oil are great. What about tea-infused chocolate bars?

Well, I’m a convert to these infusions as well. I found them right next to the regular chocolate bars in my grocery’s candy section. With their bright vintage-looking labels and flavors, they are hard to miss. All bars are certified organic and come in milk, dark, and white chocolate, and a variety of infusions. Tea novices will recognize mint and earl grey and the tea-obsessed will take note of yerba maté and raspberry rooibos infusions.

My favorites are the milk chocolate black marsala chai and the dark chocolate green earl grey. Already a big fan of dark chocolate, I love how the earl grey flavor comes through to enhance the smooth bitterness of the chocolate.

Eight varieties in total, the bars also come in white chocolate with chamomile and honey, milk chocolate with jasmine, milk chocolate with honeybush caramel, and dark chocolate with green maté and star anise.

Try It! Tea Infusions Chocolate Bars, $3.85 each at The Tea Room