Check It Out! Full Episodes of Food Network Shows Online

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It looks like we spoke too soon when we said major networks weren’t posting food shows online! Given all the time we spend looking up recipes on their website, you think we’d have noticed that the Food Network was posting episodes from our favorite shows a lot sooner…

Though maybe not! In all fairness, the videos are easy to miss. We only stumbled upon them in a round-about way while looking up a chef profile and then trying to find out more about recent episodes of their show. After searching their homepage for a more direct link to the videos, the only one we can find is a half-hidden text button in the upper right corner that simply says “Full Episodes and Video.”

But click-through and you’ll find episodes from popular shows like “30 Minute Meals,” “The Barefoot Contessa,” “The Ace of Cakes,” and “Iron Chef.” You can play them within the webpage or expand it out into full screen. We had no trouble playing the videos over our high-speed cable internet and found the video interface to be intuitive to use. Another bonus: apart from a brief advertisement before the episode begins, the rest of the video is commercial free.

Right now, most shows only have a handful of episodes available for viewing. Since we only recently discovered this feature, we’re not sure how often those videos are updated or added to. It’s also difficult to find the original air-date for episodes, so we don’t know if the videos are of recent episodes or from earlier seasons.

We’re not sure why the Food Network isn’t making more of an effort to advertise these videos, especially since watching videos online seems to be an emerging trend across the television and cable networks. Given that they only recently overhauled their website, maybe they’re waiting to see how the videos fare before giving them a spotlight on their main page.

Have you been watching videos on the Food Network website?

Watch full-episodes of Food Network shows online!