Check It Out! Foil Pans Make St. Patrick’s Day Feasts Festive

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you looking for a quick dish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Something festive without hours worth of labor in the kitchen? Check out these two tips to turn any quiche (or baked good for that matter) into something special.

Susan over at Diamonds for Dessert is well-known for the sweets stemming from her kitchen. But this time around, she’s gone savory and made a simple foil pan into a clover leaf mold that can turn any quiche or baked good, such as brownies or a cake, into a festive St. Patrick’s Day dish.

She has two methods to choose from: either cutting and bending a single pan, or molding four pans into individual leaves. It’s an easy way to make a baked good for work or school without necessarily turning it green or covering it with dancing leprechauns. Sometimes shape is all you need! Want to see how it’s done?

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