Cheap Trick: Clean Stainless Steel with a $2 Product

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve spent far too much money on bottles of stainless steel cleaner that claim to wipe out smudges. We haven’t had much luck—only buyer’s remorse. But did you know you can use a super inexpensive product from the drugstore that does a better job? Several of you smarty pants mentioned it in this post.

It’s…. baby oil.

We read about this trick on a website a while ago and haven’t yet tried it, but a family member swears by it. The baby oil isn’t meant to clean dirt and grime off of the surface; you’ll need to use a wet cloth for that. But once it’s clean (and still covered with fingerprints), wipe on a thin coat of baby oil. The oil will erase the smudges and keep it shiny longer.

We’ve read about some people using mineral oil instead of baby oil; we’d imagine any type of oil would create that polished finish. But baby oil is easy to find and cheap.

Does anyone out there use this trick? Do you ever get a greasy feel? How does it hold up to fingerprints?

(Image: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, from Melissa Clark’s Revamped Kitchen)