24 Must-Have Kitchen Organizers (for $20 or Less!) That Will Clear Your Clutter in an Instant

updated Jan 30, 2024
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Fact: We never like to tell you that you have to buy a specialized organizer to get your kitchen under control. Seriously. We’ll always try to make over, say, a junk drawer or a corner cabinet without buying a single thing. After all, we’d rather buy a giant tub of flaky sea salt than a basket that might or might not fix our pantry shelves. But some organizers really do end up being worth their weight in gold, no matter how reluctant we might be to admit it. It’s also worth noting that in some cases, the convenience is worth the cost. This is a list of some of the organizers we’ve come across that both editors and readers have come to love over the years. The best part? They’re all under $20, and they’re all very much worth considering this year. If you’re looking to tidy every corner and cabinet of your kitchen, look no further.

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A lazy Susan (this one in particular) is always going to top our list as the best organizer for a kitchen. It has a non-skid base and a little lip to keep bottles in place as you spin it. Use it in a pantry, cabinet, or even in the fridge. Just make sure you read this one little tip first.

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If you're not into the look of Styrofoam egg cartons, try one of these sleek plastic holders. This model from QVC can hold 14 eggs, and it comes with a matching lid for protection. Of course, you can also forego the lid if you want to keep your eggs easy-to-reach. The holder is also stackable and freezer-safe.

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No towel rack? No problem! This adhesive towel bar adheres to the inside of your cabinet to hold dish towels within reach. But that's not its only use! Pair it with S-hooks to hang lesser-used cooking utensils, or hook the triggers of spray bottles over it to keep them from clogging up the rest of your cabinet.

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You've probably heard us wax poetic about this drawer organizer, and we have no plans on stopping. It's really great for narrow drawers but it also frees up standard-sized drawers. It holds a full set of flatware, and then you can use the rest of the drawer for spatulas and such.

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If you have a lot of cutting boards, cake pans, baking sheets, and similarly shaped items, this adjustable rack can help get everything under control. We've been impressed at how sturdy this thing really is, which means you can load it up.

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Yamazaki Home

A full bunch of bananas can take up more counter space than you want it to. Keep your fruit elevated with the help of this slim steel stand, which also helps prevent bruising.

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Magnetic knife bars like this one are, in our minds, the very best way to store knives. (Knife blocks have all sorts of unnecessary items, and in-drawer storage takes up valuable real estate.) And in addition to knives, you can slap on other magnetic tools like scissors and even food processor attachment blades.

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Joseph Joseph

If you’ve been plagued with minimal cabinet space, do we have a product for you! Joseph Joseph makes a drawer that you can slide under your shelves to hold coffee pods, tea bags, or any other items you find yourself reaching for frequently.

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You can't use spices that you can't see. Get things elevated and on display with this three-tiered organizer. The non-skid shelves are also deep enough for canned goods, too.

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Yes, this is technically a caddy for the shower, but we like it stuck to a wall inside the fridge to hold little condiment packets and smaller items that tend to get lost.

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Yamazaki Home

This ultra-minimalist design can hold a roll of paper towels horizontally or vertically on your fridge, in turn freeing up counter space. And, because the paper towel holder is detachable, you can easily pick it up and carry it over to spills that need a lot of toweling. That combo of versatility and portability is what we hope for in all of our kitchen tools.

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What's better than a shelf? Two shelves! This expandable organizer works that storage magic to create an extra perch for groceries or dishes inside your cabinet.

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Speaking of those skinny boxes, here's another organizer to hold them all. If you think you don't need a solution for your foils and wraps, go look at your current setup and then come back and reconsider.

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The Container Store

Lauren, our former groceries editor, got one of these for her small apartment and is totally obsessed. Get one for your kitchen if you're tired of hearing the sound of tumbling pot lids every time you go to make dinner.

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was $24.99

Stack your lids in the organizer above and then your skillets in this one. Your cookware cabinet will never know what hit it.

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There are very few organizational problems that can't be solved with Command hooks. At their most basic use, we like them on the inside of a cabinet door to hold pot holders and oven mitts.

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You should never underestimate the power of a clear plastic bin. This can do a lot for your fridge, freezer, or pantry. Plus, it has handles for easy repositioning.

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More clear bins! These stack and hold bottles of wine, though. We recommend wine bins for anyone who likes to have a glass or two with dinner.

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This find also helps give your lids a place to call their own. The holders mount to cabinet doors without hardware and instantly reduce stovetop clutter. Plus, he set fits multiple sizes, so no lid gets left behind!

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Okay, one last clear bin solution. Anyone who drinks LaCroix on a regular basis will be able to put this clever can bin to good use.

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Food container lids are up there with pot lids for the title of Most Frustrating Thing to Organize. This divider can help. It comes with five adjustable dividers and can hold lids measuring up to 9" long.

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was $12.99

Stop propping up your broom and Swiffer in the corner of your pantry. Hanging them up will get things in order. Once you have this wall-mounted number installed, it'll be easier too reach for what you need, when you need it.

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If you have a pantry (or even just a nearby closet), you can use the door as extra storage. Just add this 24-pocket hanging organizer! We also have a few other ideas for how to use it.

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There's no need to waste an entire drawer on plastic bag storage. You can keep your trash can liners handy (and organized) with this clever holder, which arrives with adhesive strips. Stick it onto the back of a cabinet, and say goodbye to bag-induced chaos.