Change it Up: 5 Ways to Enhance Basic Chicken Soup

(Image credit: Stephanie Barlow)

Sometimes the idea of making another batch of chicken soup doesn’t really do it for me. Sure, making stock from scratch enhances the taste over the store bought stuff, but it can end up feeling like a tired dinner choice. When basic won’t cut it, here are five ideas to bring your soup to a new level.

1. Go Beyond Basic Noodles: What a difference a different kind of noodle makes! Try a variety of textures and sizes, from udon to ramen, and even spinach and whole wheat noodles to find your fix.
Chinese Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles

2. Max Out the Chicken: So often the actual chicken meat gets lost in chicken soup. Try adding chunks of shredded chicken toward the end of your cooking process to preserve texture.
Ajiaco Chicken and Potato Soup

3. Add Another Protein: Throw in some sweet or spicy sausage next time you’re making chicken soup and prepare for an entirely new hearty take on the classic. And how about adding turkey, a crisped piece of duck, a poached egg, or even tofu?
Hearty Kale and Sausage Soup

4. Introduce a New Flavor: Lemongrass does wonders for tired chicken soup as does curry powder. Even a small amount of a new spice will add interesting depth to your soup.
Chicken Noodle Soup with Curry & Spinach

5. Pack in the Vegetables: Do you usually limit the veggies in your chicken soup to celery, carrots, and onions? Bulk up the vegetables and add spinach, kale, potatoes, or butternut squash.
Chicken Soup with Kale and Cannellini Beans

(Images: Rebekah Peppler)