Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Is a Quick Way to Your Coffee Fix

Coffee is an essential part of every morning for many, if not most, of us. How do you make yours? Lovingly brewed at home? Or grabbed from a coffee shop on your walk to work? Here’s a third option, somewhere in the middle: Convenient, tasty bottled concentrates that can be quickly turned into an iced or hot coffee at home. Emma gave them a try, and loves the convenience — and the taste.

Here’s what Emma says about this tasty brew:

Having a big bottle of this coffee from Chameleon Cold-Brew has made my late-winter blues much more bearable. I sip it cold or warmed for a minute in the microwave with a splash of milk. Either way, this coffee is as smooth as can be and delivers a real jolt of caffeine. The Caramel Coffee flavor is my guilty pleasure.

Between their Vanilla, Chicory, and Mexican flavors, they really give plain brewed coffee some competition!