I’m Obsessed With This TikTok-Loved Brand’s Cold Brew Bags — They’re Perfect for Travel

published Apr 14, 2023
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Various instant coffees being made.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Here at the Kitchn, we’re huge fans of Emma Chamberlain’s TikTok-famous coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. From the next-level K-Cups to their exclusive collab with another Kitchn favorite, W&P, the influencer has basically taken over our kitchens. And now, we can add another one of her gourmet coffee products to our pantry-staples list: the Cold Brew Singles Variety Box.

I’ve been a huge fan of Chamberlain’s Instant coffee sticks for awhile, which taste anything but instant, so I had high hopes for these cold brew singles — and they certainly didn’t disappoint. This variety pack comes with 10 single-serve “tea bags” of different caffeine levels, so you can choose one depending on how much of a boost you need that day. And yes, they work just like tea bags, so all you have to do is steep in the water temperature of your choice — pretty smart, Emma!

While these are technically labeled as cold brew bags, which is ingenious in and of itself, I’ve been using them for hot coffee in the winter. And most recently, I took them on a trip to a tiny cabin getaway in Tennessee because the cabin was going to charge me to use their coffee. So, not only did I save money, but they were super easy to pack in my carry on and hardly took up any space. A win all around!

Credit: Tamara Kraus

The other reason I love these single-serve bags is that there’s no mess to clean up. With a French press, you have to deal with throwing out the grounds and cleaning the filter. And the same goes for a traditional coffee pot. With these bags, simply toss out the bag, throw your mug in the dishwasher, and you can move on with your day.

Now that New York City hit its first 80-degree day this week, I’ll be using these for single-serve cold brew. So, it looks like I should just pull the plug and sign up for the subscription (you save money!) because I’m going to be using these on repeat all summer long. You can choose between one to three boxes and three different delivery frequencies so you never run out.

While perusing Chamberlain Coffee’s site, I noticed they even have a flavored version called “Fluffy Lamb Vanilla,” which I need to try immediately. That sounds like the perfect way to cool off during the middle of a sweltering summer day!

So if you’re the only coffee drinker in your house, live alone, or don’t want to deal with the mess of a French press or coffee pot, Chamberlain Coffee’s single-serve cold brew bags are the ultimate way to level-up your java routine at home (or while on the road!).