Chai Tea and Vietnamese Coffee Gelatins: Jiggly Desserts!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s always fun to find a new culinary rabbit hole to jump down. While cruising the interwebs, we ran across a recipe for chai tea gelatin which was a spin off from a Vietnamese coffee gelatin. Following recipes as they morph from one thing to another is always fascinating and while these two recipes are very similar, they have very different tastes!

Forget serving dessert and a drink, these recipes combine both into one — plus the jiggle and who doesn’t love jiggly food? We also love the idea of pairing a traditionally sweet dessert with the more robust tones of such flavorful and warm notes in the coffee and tea. They cut the sweetness without being bitter and are both are a burst of refreshment, making for the perfect pairing of after a meal.

Check out the recipes for each type of gelatin below:

Each recipe makes perfect squares for cutting or serving into individual portions. Check out the presentation over at The Food Library, where she placed each square into mini muffin cups to make serving them super easy.

Would you try these? Will you add something new to the recipes and keep them evolving? Let us know your thoughts below!