Cerealism: Art Made from Breakfast Cereal!

In the vein of Carl Warner’s foodscapes and Brittany Powell’s sandwich art, Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button creates landscapes using cereal, a genre he has (quite appropriately and hilariously) called Cerealism.

As Mr. Button explains on his website,

…it is clear that breakfast cereal has changed from mere nutrition to sheer entertainment. The cereal aisle has become a cornucopia of vibrantly colored marshmallows that resemble people and objects and characters from movies, as if they were calling out to have their portraits taken, to be the center of attention. However, on the other side of the aisle sits the more ‘adult’ cereals (i.e. fiber, bran). Having lived in Arizona for over 35 years, those cereals upon close inspection resemble some of the shapes and colors and textures of the southwestern desert.

Thus, he began to construct landscapes that would “utilize the natural earth tones of certain cereals” by placing photographs of Arizona skies in the background, and putting cereal pieces in the foreground, giving the final image “an odd sense of reality.” See more of Ernie Button’s work at his website!

As someone who’s spent a significant amount of time in the Midwest, I think the “bales of wheat” against a setting sun is my favorite!

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Via Gawker

(Images: Ernie Button)

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